Trump Isn’t Spending His Money

If you have a television, smartphone, computer, newspaper, or exposure to the outside world, odds are at this point you’ve heard something about the presidential primary campaign of Donald Trump. The businessman and real estate mogul turned presidential hopeful has garnered a huge amount of attention from the press and remains strong in the polls.

Trump: Spend to Date

Trump Spend to Date

While some of Trump’s statements have been surprising to voters and the media, the most shocking report is just how much he has spent on the campaign to date. MSNBC reported on Tuesday that, “aides to Donald Trump estimate that the real estate mogul has spent roughly $2 million on his 2016 presidential campaign to date. That’s consistent with a Wall Street Journal report from over the summer that Trump had loaned his campaign $1.8 million and raised another $100,000 for the effort.”

As the dominant force in the Republican presidential race, his strategy is clearly working. “On any given Sunday, he is appearing on or phoning into some—if not all—of the Sunday talk shows. According to Facebook’s new Signal interface, Trump is responsible for 80 percent (or more) of the conversation around the 2016 presidential race on any given day.” The widespread attention has thrust Trump to the top of polls and prevented Trump from having to use any of his own money in a significant way. As the Washington Post author wrote. “For someone who is a billionaire, which Trump definitely is, $2 million is roughly the income hit of me buying a pumpkin spice latte.”

The media coverage has kept Trump from having to spend big bucks on his own campaign. Wall-to-wall coverage means Trump does not have to worry about getting word out to voters—free advertising has him covered.

Trump is fully aware of the coverage. He recently told the Times, “I’ve gotten so much free advertising, it is like nothing I’d have expected. When you look at cable television, a lot of the programs are 100 percent Trump, so why would you need more Trump during the commercial breaks?” The low-cost of the Trump campaign to date reinforces the idea that the media is Trump’s best friend—a theory aggravating Republicans. Whether or not other candidates blame the media for Trump’s ascension in the polls, it is clear that Trump has accurately assessed the political-media landscape and capitalized.


Few—if any—could have predicted that Trump would get this far into the race on a strategy centered on free publicity. Clearly, his savvy use of money and the media are paying off in dividends. Whether or not he will be able to continue riding a wave of media attention remains unknown, for now. In the meantime, for investors who are looking for savvy financial advice or cash flow analysis-not campaign tips-talking to an expert can help you utilize your funds for the most reward too. Call an expert at Apex Financial Advisors today to discuss how you can capitalize.

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