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Widows & Widowers

Upon the passing of a beloved spouse, widows often find it difficult to focus on financial matters as they adjust to many changes. Just when clarity and skills are needed to organize information and make important decisions, the stress of change can actually decrease coping and cognitive abilities. Mental health professionals consider this a normal response to change. It is vitally important that emotions not be the major driver of decisions that will have significant impacts for years to come.

Widows who have relied on their husbands to be their families’ chief financial officer often need assistance to in dealing systematically with bills, understanding brokerage and investment account statements, and becoming familiar with the terms and conditions of insurance policies (health, life, property, auto, etc.).

Apex’s approach focuses on reducing the stress associated with the loss of a loved one. Our primary focus is to organize your plan of action, prioritize your needs and give you a clear overview of your financial affairs. Working closely with your estate attorney as well as your accountant we dramatically reduce the burden placed on your shoulders. Our staff Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is available to assist you immediately and on an ongoing basis.


Lifestyle Analysis & Financial Evaluation

Apex conducts an exhaustive review, looking at all income sources and assets. Based on our findings, we provide comprehensive and customized reports that include financial statements and a detailed lifestyle analysis.


Tax Planning & Projection

We review the tax consequences of qualified plans, IRAs, deferred compensation and corporate stock options. We offer expert advice on minimizing income and estate taxes.


Legal Document Review

We will review your legal documents such as wills, trusts, living wills (healthcare directives) and powers of attorney and work with your legal professionals to update the documents as needed.


In-depth Financial Planning

You receive a personalized approach. Apex’s services include the highest caliber proprietary comprehensive financial planning, utilizing proprietary software that allows a customized plan just for you.


Trust Services

Our corporate trustee is available to administer trusts, while Apex continues to manage your investments.