Financial Independence on the Road to Divorce

There’s a new trend amongst baby-boomer couples: divorce court. Marianna Goldenberg, a certified divorce finance analyst in Newtown Square, says that finances are the main reason baby-boomer clients are untying the knot. One couple in particular had been married four decades. Now that they both achieve financial independence – the stock market is up and home prices have recovered – they can split up.

Goldenberg explains that, “This couple never had financial independence enough to divorce. He worked for the school district. She did therapy consulting. They have a house and a little bit of savings. Their biggest income was his pension. He was cheating all throughout. Then her mother passed away. She inherited a million dollars. That was the trigger.” Another of Goldenberg’s couples had been married for nearly 50 years. At age 75, the wife decided she wanted a divorce. “The kids were grown. She doesn’t need to take care of someone. That’s what it would be down the road. She wanted freedom to travel and live her own life. It’s a financial decision at that point. If they can afford to, why live with someone if you don’t have to?”

A student by Bowling Green State University found that, “25 percent of all new divorce filings were by those 55 and older—the result of changing attitudes towards marriage and monogamy.” Furthermore, the boomer generation was the first to divorce and remarry in large numbers and nearly one in four people who got a divorce in 2010 was 50 or older.

Ultimately, divorce is a huge financial issue. There are several divorce resource education options for women, in an effort to promote financial education for women. Divorcing couples approaching retirement do not want to outlive their financial assets. Financial planners, like our advisors at Apex Financial, can run life-expectancy projections and help you determine what your assets look like compared to your retirement plan.


If you and/or your partner are considering divorce for any reason, finances will be a huge part of the process. Call an advisor at Apex Financial Advisors today, to start understanding, tracking, and organizing your finances today for a less stressful, smoother transition.

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