Never Too Affluent for 529 Plans: 529 Gifting and Estate Planning Strategies

High-net-worth individuals are in a unique position when it comes to financing their children’s college education. Not only do they want to provide the best education money can buy, but they also may be seeking ways to reduce their taxable estate while creating an education legacy for future generations. [...]

Family Limited Partnerships

Individuals with significant and varied assets (securities, real estate) who wish to reduce their taxable estate have been utilizing Family Limited Partnerships for many years. This wealth management strategy is an excellent way to remove a significant amount of assets from your estate while retaining control of those assets. Family [...]

All About Trusts

Trusts can play an important role in your wealth management plans. Many methods and strategies used to reduce estate tax liability involve trusts. Trusts can be flexible devices designed to solve particular issues. They can provide for one’s future care, support a surviving spouse and children, accommodate family members with [...]