A Healthy Portfolio: Investing in AIDS Treatment Success

Thirty years ago, the discovery of AIDS terrified the world. It was considered a death sentence. Those who were diagnosed died within two years, at most. Today, science has come a long way in HIV and AIDS treatment. Advances in the study of the disease have gradually made life possible, and the treatment plan has been simplified from a dizzying aray of prescription cocktails to just one tablet a day. The latest breakthrough may be the key to not only maintaining life with the disease, but also curing it.

A French teenager has been effectively cured of AIDs, showing absolutely no indication of the disease after stopping treatment for twelve years. Normally, a patient who stops treatment will find the virus extremely active upon later inspection. However, this teenager was treated at birth, and has returned with no active virus in her system. Drugs made by Gilead Science Inc. and GlaxoSmithKline Plc have already reduced the virus to undetectable levels today, but have not yet been able to “clear” the virus from a person. The virus remains dormant when treatment beats it into submission, and if treatment is stopped, it comes back quickly.

The successful AIDs treatment of the teenager has researchers excited to try and replicate the results on a grand scale. This new HIV and AIDS treatment experiment, which will focus on 100 patients, and cost about $5 million with results expected in 2018. The goal is to try for functional care and closely monitor patients for any rebounding virus. Glaxo’s ViiV healthcare unit is developing long-range drugs that work for weeks at a time. This allows patients to take one pill a month, instead of one pill a day. Glaxo is already committed to investing $20 million for research via Qura Therapeutics, which works with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

While trials are underway, researchers are feeling the twitch of optimism that serious, life-altering HIV and AIDs treatment could be within reach. For investors, their optimism may be a sign to start considering investments in the biotech and healthcare industry. Going forward, the new plan for HIV and AIDs treatment are groundbreaking and would revolutionize the way the disease is approached. As a result, shares in the companies that are paving the way for HIV and AIDS treatment are a worthwhile investment. Apex Financial Advisors are equally excited about the research coming out. We see this as an opportunity to potentially “get in at the ground floor” in the booming biotech industry. Contact an advisor today to talk about how to include healthcare and biotech stocks in your portfolio!